Statement on 2020 Ticket Prices

We at Science on Tap are incredibly grateful to all of our fans, friends, and science enthusiasts who have attended our events over the years, and we know you’re going to like what we have coming in 2020: talks on topics such as the origins of the universe, the science of friendship, and more neuroscience and music, as well as more nationally-known authors and exciting local researchers. You’ll also be seeing us in new venues in Portland and in surrounding cities as well. We have big plans, and we need your help to make them happen. 

Offering affordable science education to anyone who wanted it has always been and will continue to be a driving force for us. However, we still need to pay the bills, and producing quality events is not cheap. At present we are almost entirely funded by ticket sales, so starting in February 2020 we will be raising ticket prices and adding some more ticket levels. We’re also clarifying our policy regarding late seating at sold-out shows.

Updated Ticket Levels:

  • *New!* Supporter: Purchase in advance only —VIP benefits (guaranteed seating) plus a voluntary upcharge to help support ASL interpretation services and other event production expenses
  • *New!* VIP: Purchase in advance only — Limited number of tickets with guaranteed front center seating that stays available through entire show, meaning you can show up late and your seat will be waiting for you
  • Advance General Admission: Purchase online or in person during open box office hours up until the day before the event
  • Door General Admission: Purchase at the box office on the night of the event
  • Student / Ages 65+: Purchase online or at the door for students and (new!) for seniors ages 65+. We won’t check IDs for either, but like the honor system we use for grading trivia answers, we trust that you will honor the spirit in which this reduced ticket price is offered
  • Reduced: Available to anyone who needs them; send requests in advance to

    (Note: we do not receive any revenue from the service fees, but we have considered them when designing the new ticket structures to keep total costs as low as possible.)

New Alberta Rose Theatre ticket prices:
These will also be the base prices for new venues we open in 2020.

  • Supporter (advance only): $39.00 (+5.75 fee)
  • VIP (advance only): $25.00 (+5.00 fee) 
  • Advance General Admission: $17.00 (+4.00 fee)
  • Advance Student / Ages 65+: $10.00 (+3.00 fee)
  • Door General Admission: $20.00 (+$1.00 for cash or +$1.85 for credit)
  • Door Student / Ages 65+: $13.00 (+$1.00 for cash or $1.60 for credit)
  • Reduced: Contact for details

New Kiggins Theatre Ticket Prices:
We are able to keep ticket prices a bit lower in Vancouver due to generous continued support from WSU Vancouver. We are also removing the option to pay what you want at the door, but are encouraging people to contact us in advance for information on reduced price tickets.

  • Supporter (advance only): $30.00 (+1.50 fee online or no fee at box office until day before event)
  • VIP (advance only): $20.00 (+1.50 fee online or no fee at box office until day before event)
  • Advance General Admission: $13.00 (+1.50 fee online or no fee at box office until day before event)
  • Advance Student / Ages 65+: $7.00 (+1.50 fee online or no fee at box office until day before event)
  • Day of Show General Admission: $15.00 (+no fee)
  • Day of Show Student / Ages 65+: $10.00 (+no fee)
  • Reduced: Contact for details

Late Seating Policy:
In an effort to help events start on time and serve as many people as possible, we’d like to clarify a few things:

  • If you have purchased a General Admission, Student / Ages 65+, or Reduced ticket in advance and are not in the theatre by 7:10pm (a.k.a. 10 minutes after the event start time), we reserve the right to release your ticket to people waiting in line. Note: VIP and Supporter tickets will not be released and those seats will remain available throughout the event until the ticket holder arrives.
  • We ask that you not save seats past 6:30pm unless the person is in the building. Note: VIP and Supporter ticket holders may hold seats for other VIPs and Supporters.

We are actively recruiting sponsors and supporters through our non-profit partner Make You Think, Inc. to make tax-deductible donations to help us work towards the following goals:

  • Support expansion of existing events to more locations
  • Offer regular ASL interpretation at our events
  • Offer scholarships to make more tickets available for free or reduced prices
  • Sponsoring single or multiple episodes of our podcast, A Scientist Walks Into A Bar
  • Purchase new equipment to make livestreaming and video production more available
  • More cool stuff!

Click this link to donate or please get in touch if you have interest in or questions about donating.

Again, thank you for being such a fabulous audience. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to contact us anytime at

Mistress of Ceremonies