Feedback from Science on Tap

We collect surveys at every event, and here is some of the feedback we’ve received from audience members. In answer to the question “What did you like most about tonight’s event?

    • “The fact that the speaker wasn’t afraid to delve into some real science [about the neuroscience of racism] and supported his talk with research findings.”
    • “Hearing an educated scientist speak about an interesting and engaging topic in a personal way. Having my 16 year-old daughter next to me be exposed to this level of thinking.”
    • “Hilarious and informative.”
    • “Real experts in person!
    • “Both speakers were wonderful. I’m impressed that both were female. We need more of that!”
    • “Excellent, evidence-based information from a passionate and knowledgeable speaker.”

Also, from one Science on Tap regular: “I’ve learned a ton from Via’s events on a wide variety of topics, which makes me the life of any party I attend! For example, I know how our beautiful Columbia River Gorge was formed during the talk on The Great Missoula Floods, and the talk Try This At Home taught me how to blow plastic bubbles out of old CDs. At the talk on Waterborne Wonders I learned which organism has the largest genome (it’s not who’d you think), and at Thinky and the Brain I confirmed that teenagers really are psychopaths. But Science on Tap doesn’t only bring a lot of fun knowledge into my little world. It also impacts the community at large by introducing us to the work of brilliant scientists and organizations. For example during Adventures in Forensic Anthropology we were introduced to, we learned how to prepare for the “Big One” with Megaquake: Cascadia Subduction Zone, and even how to save a life by using Naloxone to reverse overdoses with I Will Revive. I walk away smarter and more inspired after every event.”