New Home for Nerd Nite Portland!

We are happy to announce that Nerd Nite Portland has a new home! Starting on the Nerd Nite on June 3, 2014, we will be moving to the Clinton Street Theater located at 2522 SE Clinton Street, Portland, OR.

Beer, wine, popcorn, and snacks available for purchase at the theater. There are several restaurants in the neighborhood, and you’re welcome to bring food into the theater with you.

Thanks to all of you who filled out our online survey and helped us find our new venue!


About the Clinton Theater

A landmark of Portland cinema history, The Clinton Street Theater is one of the oldest operating moviehouses in the United States. Famous for its long-standing exhibition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the theater is currently a magnet for independent / revival films.

In April of 2012, the Clinton Street Theater was purchased by Roger and Lani Jo Leigh (who are super nice!). It has a revolving cast of volunteers and film freaks who enjoy helping support its existence.


interior 3
The Clinton Street Theater during a recent live performance of The Vagina Monologues