What We Do

Amanda Thomas, Mistress of Ceremonies, hosting an event at the Bagdad Theater

What We Do and Why We Do It

Learning about science is not just for kids. Adults like to learn – indeed, continued learning has been proven to create new brain cells and neurological pathways which helps stave off neurological degeneration. Via Productions creates events and interesting ways to continue education in settings conducive to relaxed and mature conversation. Oh, and beer.*

Via in English means by way of, and it means route or path in Italian. All meanings imply progression, movement, and going forward. The goal of Via Productions is to create events where people can learn through having fun; that is, expanding one’s understanding of the world and having a great time doing it.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone! The goal for our events is to make them as appealing and accessible to a wide range of people, and we feel we’ve been pretty successful. Hardcore nerds and geeks come, ready to take notes. Meetup.com groups come as a social outing. People come on first dates (aren’t they cute!). Adults bring their visiting parents. College students come for extra credit. People who can’t afford the time or expense to go back to school come to keep their brains sharp.

Who comes to these events? It’s easier to ask who doesn’t.**

*Why beer? One reason is because of methylates, which turns on some genes and turns off others improving your epigenetic makeup. Coffee and leafy greens do this too. Variety and moderation is recommended.

**The answer to that is typically “Kids.” Our events usually involve beer, topics which may or may not be appropriate for tender ears, and adult humor. Older kids (high school and above) might be fine, but please leave the little ones at home. We’ll indicate when events are strictly 21+.