Support Us

Science on Tap depends on you!
We obviously can’t hold in-person events during these pandemic times. That means that we can’t sell tickets…which also means we have no income.
Science on Tap is surviving only because YOU are helping. THANK YOU!

There are several ways to help through our non-profit partner Make You Think:

You can also put a check in the mail to us at: P.O. Box 40467, Portland, OR 97240 (Thanks to those of you who have sent us checks, not only for your help but also for supporting the US Postal Service!)

Your Financial Support Helps Us Do The Following:

  • Produce live online science education events every week (or pretty close to every week) that are available for FREE — in addition to the speaker and the host, each event requires the help of 5-6 volunteers and a total of 15+ computer screens to run the whole thing!
  • Record those live online events and post the recordings on Facebook and YouTube so anyone can watch them for FREE
  • Produce our podcast A Scientist Walks Into A Bar featuring audio recordings of in-person events from the before-times, interviews with authors, and Bar Chat interviews with scientists
  • Work with local theaters to develop new socially-distant programs
  • Help to pay our few staff members during this financially difficult time

We are SO GRATEFUL for our community and for all of you who love science and want to see Science on Tap continue.

Amanda and the Team