Your Brain on Pleasure and In Love: A Discussion and Concert

Listening to beautiful music, falling in love, and eating really good chocolate create intense feelings of pleasure – but why? Diving into exciting new research – including what happens to the brain when love goes awry – and what we can learn from the monogamous prairie vole, this show mixes music, humor, and neuroscience for an unforgettable, educational evening.

At this special musical Science on Tap, OHSU neuroscientist Larry Sherman, Ph.D. will be joined by singer/songwriter Naomi LaViolette to present a fascinating multi-media discussion and concert on how the brain experiences pleasure. Join us for this immersive musical experience!

Dr. Larry Sherman is a neuroscientist at OHSU researching neurodegenerative conditions and diseases. He is also president of the Society for Neuroscience chapter in Oregon and Southwest Washington. He is joined by singer, songwriter, and pianist Naomi LaViolette.


Vaccine cards required and checked at entry. Masks are recommended.

  • Event Date

    Wednesday, November 16, 2022

  • Start Time

    7:00 pm Pacific

  • End Time

    8:30 am Pacific

  • Tickets


    General Admission: $25

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    Ticket fine print

    We at Science on Tap are committed to offering educational opportunities to adults who want to learn. If the ticket price is a hardship for you, please write to us and we're happy to provide reduced-price tickets to those who request them.

  • Venue

    Aladdin Theater