Curing Climate Change? Smoke, Haze, and Solar Intervention

There’s a lot going more on in the skies that’s affecting climate than just fossil fuel emissions increasing CO2! Particles in the atmosphere — like smoke from fires and pollution from engines and industrial activities — are affecting our climate. Yet, their influence on climate might surprise you – they actually act to cool the planet and “mask” some of the greenhouse gas warming.

Research scientist Dr. Sarah Doherty will talk about how particles in the atmosphere are already affecting climate, how these influences are likely to change in the future, and whether these effects can be leveraged to rapidly reduce global warming to avoid many of the negative impacts of climate change.
What are the ideas?
What’s being done so far?
Why are scientists considering these ideas?

This talk will discuss the current climate trajectory, and why cutting emissions alone won’t be enough to keep global warming from exceeding the 1.5-2 C of warming that scientists have identified as “dangerous levels of climate change”.

Dr. Sarah Doherty is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Washington. Her interest in atmospheric science began with a year of work in Antarctica, where she was helping make measurements to better understand the ozone hole. Since getting her PhD, much of her research has involved making measurements of smoke and pollution in different parts of the world, including off the coasts of Africa, China, India, and the Arctic, and understanding how they affect climate. She has also been involved with multiple scientific assessments, including the U.S. National Climate Assessment and two international assessments of the state of the ozone layer.

  • Event Date

    Wednesday, October 23, 2024

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    7:00 pm Pacific

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    8:30 pm Pacific

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    Alberta Rose Theatre