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How’d They Film That? Behind-the-Scenes of Science Communication at OPB

This event will be IN PERSON at the Alberta Rose Theatre and also ONLINE ($15)

Scientists often work for decades to unlock the mysteries of our world and make our lives better. But when you’re trying to explain that amazing work to a wider audience, you’re lucky to have about 10 minutes (unless you’re Science on Tap, of course). At this very special Science on Tap, a behind-the-scenes look at how the folks behind the new OPB show “All Science. No Fiction.” communicate science.  How do they pull off all the different things they do on camera to try to get you as excited about science in the Pacific Northwest as they are? 

All Science. No Fiction.” uses whimsy, curiosity, and fun to place a spotlight on PNW scientists and the work they’re doing. These stories are about new marvels of technology, cutting-edge solutions and inventions, and grand ideas that pass the HCTC (Holy Crap That’s Cool!) test.

Jes Burns and Brandon Swanson are the production team behind “All Science. No Fiction.”  Jes is a science reporter and producer for OPB’s Science & Environment unit. Brandon is a videographer and editor, working on OPB shows like Oregon Field Guide. They’ve worked in some places, won some awards, and really dig scientists and making videos about their work.


Vaccine cards required and checked at entry. Masks are recommended (and subject to be required following any County mandate changes).

Photos by Brandon Swanson

  • Event Date

    Thursday, September 1, 2022

  • Start Time

    7:00 pm Pacific

  • End Time

    8:30 pm Pacific

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    General Admission: $25

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  • Venue

    Alberta Rose Theatre