Delicious Data: Using Flavor Science to Develop your Palate

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Have you ever tried to describe how something tastes but didn’t quite have the words? How would you like to sample and describe flavor like a professional? At this tasty Science on Tap, Lindsay Barr, Co-Founder of DraughtLab will break down the science of how we experience flavor so you can gain insight into what you perceive and why. Learn about the tools professionals use to hone their skills and how you can apply them to enhance your everyday experiences with the foods and beverages you consume.

JOIN US FOR A REAL-TIME TASTING! We’re trying something new so if you’d like to play along at home, purchase the following items and have them with you on the night of the Science on Tap Online event. Lindsay will describe what to look for as you taste them and how to pay attention to different sensations.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Fat Tire Amber Ale
GT Synergy Trilogy Kombucha


NOTE: You can still attend the event and learn a lot even if you don’t download the app or if you’re not joining in the tasting. Please follow your local laws regarding alcohol purchase age and requirements.

  • Event Date

    Thursday, June 25, 2020

  • Start Time

    7:00 pm Pacific

  • End Time

    8:00 pm Pacific

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    Visit our Facebook page at 7pm on the day of the event for the Facebook live show (refresh until you see the video post), or watch the high quality version on Zoom. Register for Zoom event.

  • Available Food & Drink

    Grab an (adult) beverage of your choice and join us!
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